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Our Brands:

Balaji today is a different firm from what it was even one year back. Pioneering widely different genres of content across several distribution media, the firm has completely redefined its brand architecture to reflect these far-reaching changes.

Balaji Telefilms

The new Balaji logo reflects its fresh new outlook, while still reflecting the core values it stands for. The Balaji logo will be used for all of its traditional television content, as well as family-oriented, large scale feature films.

Alt Entertainment

Envisaged as a cutting-edge, youth oriented brand, the Alt Entertainment brand will be used on all content catering to a younger, more urban demographic, across the television, movie, mobile and internet space.

Hoonur is our recently-launched online portal for media professionals and entertainment consumers. The brand will be used in the online and mobile space both for the entertainment portal and for user generated content.

ICE is the latest initiative of Balaji Telefilms aimed at providing world class quality education to aspirants wanting to make careers in the Media & Entertainment industry. ICE covers all major specializations like Acting, Cinematography, Direction, Editing, Production, Scriptwriting, Sound and Vfx.